Ken has worked with Proteus International since 2007. They are dedicated to preparing leaders for the future by helping them get clear about their vision and then consistently choosing the simplest, most feasible ways to make that future a reality.

Proteus has three areas of expertise: Strengthening Leaders, Developing Vision & Strategy, and Building Skills & Knowledge. Their training programs are used by some of the most successful companies in the world. For more information about Proteus, visit their website.

Books by Proteus Founder, Erika Andersen: (Click on any book cover for more info.)

Success today requires the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills quickly and continuously–in spite of our mixed feelings about being a novice. Be Bad First explores how we can become masters of mastery; proficient in the kind of high-payoff learning that’s needed today.

This book describes the key attributes that people look for in leaders they want to follow along with practical ways to develop those traits.

A guide to developing the core management skills needed to effectively manage people.

Finally there’s a book that teaches a strategy process that’s simple, effective, and can be used by an individual or a leadership team.