Better leaders.

Better lives.*

* Great leaders create better lives for everyone.

Leadership is critically important - especially now.

Unfortunately, too many of us find leadership to be far more difficult, stressful, and lonely than it needs to be. If you’re not leading in a way that’s deeply satisfying and enjoyable, then it’s time to find a different way.

So how do you find that "different way" to lead?

What distinguishes outstanding leaders - the ones who consistently deliver great results without sacrificing themselves or their people? Current research points to emotional intelligence as a crucial factor. And the foundation of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. Without that, you’re lost as a leader in today’s VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – world.

Self-awareness is the foundation.

In today's complex, fast-moving, information-rich world, leaders need an extraordinary degree of self-awareness to be highly effective. It's vital to have an accurate picture of what you do really well... as well as what you don't. And it's even more important to know where you may be harming yourself and/or others with your behavior. Self-awareness includes having a deep emotional connection to yourself, to your soul, to the very essence of who you are. And if that sounds airy-fairy or New Agey to you, I understand. It sounds that way to me too sometimes. But I know that connecting deeply to your essence – to the core of who you are – and leading from that deep place, is the most powerful way to generate change and achieve the success you want, even if that success currently feels out of reach.

When you’re internally connected, clear on your vision for the future, aware of your motivation, and you combine that with a high degree of ongoing self-awareness, you’ll have a much easier time delivering the results you want, consistently.

The idea is simple; the process of getting there can be challenging.

Leadership is learned.

No one is "born a leader." Leadership is a combination of mindsets and skills that are learned and practiced until they're well-developed and reliable. They become your new habits, your new routines. They allow you to function effectively even in high stress, high stake situations.

Everyone has the potential to become an extraordinary leader. Some have the advantage of innate talent, but that’s not required. What IS required is a deep commitment to personal growth and change – having the courage and determination to become the best possible version of yourself.

My role as a coach is to help you uncover your personal motivation for leadership – your “leadership soul” – and then support you to become that best version of yourself.

Not everyone wants to do the work needed to become a great leader, a conscious leader, a leader that others want to work hard for. And not everyone wants to work to make things better. But if you're one of the few who do, let's talk.

For Leaders

Leadership coaching that focuses on developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and transforming outdated ways of thinking and behavingways that “used to work,” or seemed to work, but are no longer effective. I help leaders get the honest feedback they need to identify personal blind spots, raise their self-awareness, and become conscious of the real impact of their behavior. And then I provide individualized tools for ongoing learning and development so that growth continues throughout, and well beyond, the coaching engagement.

For Teams

Most teams are mildly to severely dysfunctional, which means they often operate well below their potential. I talk with team members and observe them interacting to identify what’s getting in the way. Then we work together to improve their ability to collaborate and leverage the best from everyone.

Single- and multi-day retreats are another way to bring a team together to address issues or to launch into a new phase of development. A well-designed and facilitated retreat is also a wonderful way to take time to slow down, step back and take a higher-level, more strategic view of current reality and future needs. When you're able to step away from the day-to-day distractions, you can focus on what's most important, not simply most urgent.

For Organizations

Together with a select group of strategic partners, we design and deliver world-class organization-wide training and development programs. These programs are typically tied to a strategic goal that requires a significant shift in the behavior of leaders throughout the organization.