Ken's Knowledge Base

In order to bring you a unique, personalized development experience that delivers the greatest benefit, I draw on an eclectic mix of science, art, mindfulness, philosophy, spirituality, along with physical and mental wellness practices.

My background includes:

  • Emotional Intelligence (Dan Goleman's leadership model)

  • Adaptive Leadership (Ron Heifitz & Marty Linsky)

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Practices (TM, Vipassana, Yoga)

  • Difficult Conversations (Harvard Negotiation Project)

  • Adult Development Theory

  • Design Thinking

  • Clinical Social Work (MSW, formerly LCSW)

  • Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

  • The Thinking Environment (Nancy Kline)

  • Neuroscience

  • Getting Things Done (GTD - David Allen)

  • Stress Reduction & Strategies for Emotional Self-Regulation

  • Physical Health: Nutrition, Exercise & Recovery Strategies for Optimal Performance

  • Executive Presence, Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

  • Immunity to Change (ITC) Model (Bob Kegan & Lisa Lahey)

  • Organization Development (OD)

  • Systems Thinking

  • Jungian Personality Types (MBTI)

  • Social Style

  • Buddhism

  • The Work (Byron Katie)

  • The Option Method - Socratic Dialogue

  • Radical Honesty (Brad Blanton)