"My work with Ken Kesslin was

  life changing."

Leadership coaching 

for your whole self.

Ken is a "recovering" psychotherapist with career experience in finance, investment banking, health and wellness, sales and management. His holistic approach helps people examine the deepest truth of who they are, what they care about, and the difference they want to make in the world—while improving their leadership and management of day-to-day life.

Ken’s invaluable coaching has taught me how to focus my energy, live my ideal life and maximize my career. Now I understand what I can control and have the self-validation to make decisions over what I can’t.

John Andrews, MD

Ken helped me to create clarity, alignment and harmony both professionally and personally with his impactful coaching, whilst challenging me to confront truth and uncomfortable realities. I’ve since realized triggers to avoid and productive habits to practice and I’m immensely grateful.

John Howie, Head of Retail Inheritance Services, Vanguard

My work with Ken Kesslin was life changing. Challenging feedback helped me to refine my leadership approach and now, I never underestimate the importance of personal relationships, take time for reflection and focus most of my time helping others achieve their career best.

Jon Leatherbury, Chief Operating Officer, Aon Talent

Ken’s calming and reassuring nature guided me to an understanding of my goals, and the result of our sessions was a change in direction that brought tremendous joy and satisfaction. When my position was eliminated recently, the notes I made enabled decisions that brought focus to my career.

Pharmaceutical Executive

People Skills


Extraordinary Leadership

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Ken Kesslin.

After a successful finance career, Ken walked away from Wall Street looking for more and turned instead to clinical social work. He trained as a psychotherapist and spent 14 years in this work before combining both backgrounds to help leaders integrate their business and personal goals.

This unique skillset helps his clients think strategically while balancing people and profit. His approach helps individuals gain deep clarity about their personal purpose, and then use this understanding to empower their leadership.

Ken graduated Phi Beta Kappa, earned undergraduate degrees in Economics and Psychology from Stanford University, and a Masters in Social Work from New York University. He's qualified in a number of recognized assessment tools but prefers to gather information in 1:1 interviews when possible. 

He co-designed and led two national coach-training programs and has served as adjunct faculty for Duke Corporate Education, Melbourne Business School, and the Organization Development (OD) Program at Georgetown University.

Ken works with a diverse group of organizational clients along with a select few HNW individuals. A partial list of clients can be found here.

Ken has worked with thousands of leaders on every continent (except Antarctica). He speaks fluent Portuguese.