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Hi there.

I'm Ken Kesslin.

I help people unlock their emotional intelligence, authenticity, and power for better leadership and better lives.

Leadership Coaching for your whole self.


Learn to access and leverage your emotional intelligence


Change how you are perceived - by yourself and those around you


Solidify your instincts and make challenging decisions easily

"Immensely valuable to me at a critical time in my career - and related entirely to the awakening of self-awareness. Always felt personalized to my exact needs."

David Simmons

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Who we are at home and at work must

exist in harmony.

Our struggles at work do not exist in a vacuum. The impact of stress at home influences stress at work—and vice versa. 

Thus, my work includes addressing (and improving) challenges in both of these crucial areas.

Visionary leadership

starts with how you

see yourself